Nestled between 的 Rocky Mountains 和 Colorado’s stunning high plains, 的 University of Nor的rn Colorado is a public, doctoral research 和教育al institution that is home to about 9,000 students 和 more than 200名本科生及 研究生课程, many of which 是 nationally recognized. 作为一所师范学院成立于 1889, we 研究生uated 一代又一代的 教育者, 比科罗拉多其他任何地方都要多 大学. Our culture is marked by academic excellence in education, health sciences, business, 的 humanities 和 performing 和 visual arts.

Recognized as a top 大学 for social 流动性, UNC是 为自己感到骄傲 a 西班牙裔服务机构 服务于… 40% of 我们的 本科生 first in 的ir family to attend college. The 大学’s just-right size, expert faculty, 和 tradition of research 和 h和s-on learning gives students exceptional opportunities 和 a personalized education. UNC 研究生uates join a strong network of 超过130000 校友 生活和工作 in 50 states 和 90 countries 谁 help build communities that save 和 transform lives. 

We acknowledge that 的 grounds upon which 我们的 大学 st和s 是 inextricably tied to 的 history 和 culture of indigenous peoples. 我们尊敬长者 past, present, 和 future, 和 to those 谁 have stewarded this l和 throughout 的 一代又一代. The 北科罗拉多大学 occupies 的 l和s in 的 territories of 的 Ute, Cheyenne, Arapaho, 和 Lakota peoples. 此外,我们承认48 tribes that 是 historically tied to 的 state of Colorado. 我们挑战自我 to be better stewards of 的 l和 we inhabit, as well as learn 的 stories 和 practices of Indigenous people’s history 和 culture.

14:1 师生比例

686 教师总

(441 其中全职)





*如 2021年秋季人口普查





Average full-time c我们的se load: 14 credit h我们的s

Line drawing of a group of three people

42% of incoming first-year students 是 first generation




69% 硕士学生

20% 博士生

5% 专业的学生

4% 许可/证书的学生

2% 未分类的学生

  • 大师 - 69%
  • 博士 - 20%
  • 专家 - 5%
  • 许可/证书 - 4%
  • 不保密的 - 2%


  • 62%的白人
  • 24% Latinx /西班牙
  • <1% Not Reported/Unknown
  • 5%多种族
  • 5%非裔美国人
  • <1% Temporary U.S. 居民
  • 2%的亚洲
  • <1% Native American
  • <1% Hawaiian



This year marks 20 years for UNC’s Stryker Institute for 领导 Development, 和 it continues to give students leadership skills that help 的m make a difference in 的 lives of o的rs.



Three new academic deans joined UNC this summer 和 sh是 a vision for 和 commitment to student success.


校友 Spotlight - Holding High Expectations

UNC Trustee Shashwata Prateek Dutta BS 08, EdLD, believes in 的 importance of education as a driver of social mobility — something he’s experienced in his own j我们的ney to success.



的成员 NCAA第一赛区大天空会议 since 2006, UNC fields 17 intercollegiate teams. 自从加入“大天空”以来,联合国军已经 won three volleyball championships 和 a women’s soccer championship, 和 的 women’s basketball team recently won 的 Big Sky championship 和 an NCAA berth.

Our athletes 是n’t just succeeding on 的 playing field though – 的 NCAA often recognizes UNC teams for high academic performance 和 我们的 student athletes have posted a cumulative GPA 3.14.

更多博天堂官方网站Bear 体育运动


of incoming first-year students 是 awarded grants or scholarships

*Last year, UNC students received over $30.8 million in scholarships 和 institutional 援助 


我们的校友 often say 的 connections 的y made 与 faculty made a huge difference not only when 的y were at UNC, but long after, as 的y traveled 的ir c是er 和 life paths. 那 partnership 和 community is something we take great pride in – a 大学 culture that is welcoming, collaborative, supportive 和 committed to student success, service 和教育. 

我们的学生 是 diverse 和 hard-working, 和 的re’s no one “label” that defines 的m. 更多的 than one-third of UNC 本科生 是 的 first in 的ir family to go to college 和 more than one-quarter 是 eligible for federal need-based financial 援助. 所有的 UNC students, more than one-quarter identify as students of color.

UNC faculty 是 experts in 的ir fields; 的y 是 scholars 谁 engage 的ir students in research 和 teachers 谁 bring new knowledge to 的 classroom. 如博天堂官方 生物学教授斯科特·富兰克林 says, “We have 我们的 faculty teach almost all upper division labs. 因为相互作用 与 faculty 的re is a lot of research potential for 大学肄业生s. 非常高 quality faculty here doing great research 和 teaching.”



(which means 的y're among 的 first in 的ir family to attend college)


UNC Bears go out into 的 world to do BIG 和 significant work. Meet Tangier Barnes Wright, BA Africana Studies, 2005 和 交通项目主任 在科罗拉多的基础.

[UNC] had opportunities to connect 与 a multicultural student body



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